Director, writer, producer: Arto Halonen

Arto Halonen received the Finland Prize in 2005. The prize is awarded in recognition of a notable artistic career and is a major commendation by the Minister of Culture and the State.

He also received the City of Helsinki Cultural Prize for 2010 – only the third time in history the prize has gone to a filmmaker. He has received also the Humanitarian Award of European Union at 1998. In 2008, the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival officially recognized Halonen as one of the most important European documentary filmmakers of his time, commenting on how his work contributes to the broadening and the development of the genre on an international scale.

Halonen´s documentary films, like Karmapa – Two Ways of Divinity, The Tank Man and Pavlov´s Dog, have received many international awards as well as The Shadow of the Holy Book which was also nominated for the Best European Documentary by European Film Academy at 2008. At his fictional film career Halonen is well known from the award-winning dramatic feature film Princess, which is one of the highest-grossing Finnish films of the last 10 years and from his latest film, the darkly comic feature A Patriotic Man.

In addition, Halonen is the founder and the first festival director of DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival. During Halonen’s tenure, DocPoint became the biggest documentary film festival in the Nordic area and one of the leading documentary film festivals in the world.


Cinematographer: Mika Orasmaa

Mika Orasmaa has worked as a cinematographer in numerous film and TV productions. He has been awarded the Finnish Jussi Award for the best cinematograpy for the movies Joulutarina (2007) and Rare Exports (2010) which he was also awarded for the best cinematography in the Stiges Film Festival in Catalonia.

Lately Orasmaa has worked with films Iron Sky (2012), 8-pallo (2013) and Big Game (2014)


Cinematographer: Peter Flinckenberg 

Peter Flinckenberg was awarded the American Society of Cinematographer’s (ASC) Spotlight Award for the movie Betoniyö (2013). This was the first time ever a Finnish cinematographer had received an ASC award, which is one of the most prominent cinematography acknowledgements in the world. Flinckenberg received the Jussi Award in 2015 for the best cinematograpy for the movie Tuulensieppaajat (2014). He won the same award also a year before that for Betoniyö.

Flinckenberg has also worked in films Hella W (2011) which he was nominated for the Jussi Award, and Miss Farkku-Suomi (2012) among others.


Sound designer: Kirka Sainio

Behind many successful movie's soundtracks is the sound designer Kirka Sainio, who is also responsible for the sound design of White Rage.

Sainio started his career in the 90's, and since then he has worked as a sound designer in over 60 movie- and TV-productions. Sainio has been nominated four times in the Jussi Gala for the best sound design, and he has won two awards for the films Frozen Land (2005) and Purge (2012). Sainio's latest works are the movies Patriotic Man (2013), The Midwife (2015) and Häiriötekijä (2015). One of Sainio's next projects will be The Liberation of Skopje which is produced in collaboration with Macedonia and Croatia and will have its premiere in 2016.

Sainio has also composed the music for White Rage. His responsibility for both the sound design and the music enables all of the vocal elements to be in close interaction with each other. He has also composed the music for Maija Hirvonen's film Cat Trap. Sainio has been a musician for over 25 years, and his enthusiasm for classical music has been seen in a solo concert repertoire, which has been filled with the works of Frédéric Chopin, Sergei Rachmaninov and György Ligeti.


Editor: Otto Heikola